network cards won't connect

Alex Janssen alex at
Sun Oct 23 17:02:05 UTC 2005

Matt Price said the following on 10/23/2005 11:13 AM:

>I've justi nstalled ubuntu on a laptop (IBM thinkpad 600E) -- this is
>a lightweight system and will eventuallyrun xfce, but for now I've got
>the default ubuntu-desktop up.  Installation went fine exceptthatthe
>network simply won't configure. I have tried 2 ethernet cards (an IBM
>Etherjet 10/100, and a 3Com 10mbit ).  I've used the latter before
>with no problems on another laptop.  I've also tried using a d-link
>air-plus DWL-650+ WiFi card .
>THe installer recognized the wifi card and the ibm etherjet -- I
>didn't try the 3com card atthe time.  But despite the recognition, it
>could not establish an internet connection no matter how I tried the
>configuration (dynamic, static, whatever).  Interestingly, the dhcp
>log on my cheap smc wireless router showed offers made to this machine
>when dhcp was attempted during installation, but the installer didn't
>seem to recognize the offers.  
>The router works fine with 2 desktops running debian, one xp laptop,
>and also worked perfectly with my previous laptop (now alas, gone to
>the dead-power-source afterlife, RIP).  SO I don't think the problem is
>with the router.  Nor do I relly believe thatthe problem is with the
>ethernet cards themselves...  I can watch the lights flicker on the
>ibm card when the dhcp requests go out, for instance.  
>all of which is a long and convoluted way of saying "help".  I really
>need the network on this machine, andwithout it e.g. I can't even
>download "modconf" to help me understand what modules are being used
>by these ethernet devices...  
>so, all help deeply appreciated.  thanks!
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Can you post the output of ifconfig?  Does it show an IP address for 
your network card?

Charlottesville, Virginia

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