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Santanu Chatterjee thisissantanu at
Sat Oct 22 09:12:05 UTC 2005


Just now I have installed the ROX-Filer and I have also installed the
ROX Session,
and I am still installing the other components in the suit. I have
written a rough
guide on what steps I followed. I am including it below.

I hope it will help you. I am using Hoary by the way.

First of all:
  sudo aptitude install python-dev

Then download ROX-All package from this page:

Then do the following:
  tar xzf ROX-All-0.3.tgz
  cd ROX-All-0.3/0launch/Other
  sudo python install
This will install 0alias, 0launch, and 0store

  sudo 0alias rox
This will install the ROX-Filer application which you can run as rox.

Now run rox as:
  rox <path to the ROX-All-0.3 folder>
In the rox filer window that opens up, you will see several application
icons. These can now be installed just by clicking on them. When clicked,
the latest version will be downloaded and installed (if not already installed)
and the application will open. For example, clicking on the Edit icon installed
the corresponding application in my system. Now, to open any text file, just
drag n' drop the file's icon to the Edit icon and the Edit application will
open the text file. Cool!!

>From here on you can proceed on your own.

Santanu Chatterjee

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