Can't see my Windows partition from within applications

Dave M G martin at
Thu Oct 20 16:43:07 UTC 2005

Ubuntu Users,

	I have a two physical disk drives. On one of them is where I keep my
Windows NE* partition. It is a FAT 32 format, and I have no trouble
accessing files and reading and writing to the drive from within

	However, if I try to access the files from within an application, for
example XMMS, I can get as far down as the root directory on my
Linux/Ubuntu drive, but I can not see any other drives.

	I thought perhaps I would find my Windows drive within /mnt/, but that
directory is empty.

	How do I access the files on my Windows partition from within an

*Windows NE = Windows Necessary Evil. I'd get rid of it if I didn't have
certain programs needed for work.

Dave M G

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