ALT-F2 accessing SMB://server/share - Weird quirk.

Jean Gruneberg kaosboss at
Wed Oct 19 18:37:51 UTC 2005

Steve Kratz wrote:
> Ok, I have a home machine that's WinXP - not joined to a domain.
> I have several shares with read/write permission for:
> user: blah
> password: pass
> workgroup: everyone
> IP:
> On my Ubuntu workstation (IP addr, I hit alt-f2, enter
> SMB://, and it prompts me for a username/password/domain. I
> enter my credentials, then it brings up ANOTHER log in box, this time,
> it says "log in to" - which is my Ubuntu box! If I hit
> escape here, I see my windows share. Everything's accessable fine. If I
> try typing in either username for my windows box or my ubuntu box, it
> just "loops" and takes me right back to logging into
> Anyone know what's up with this?  This has persisted through a couple
> reinstalls of Breezy - began back in the betas.
> Steve

Does this accessing a win98 share as well, I just ended up 
putting everything into the keyring to stop annoying me.... 
not elegant but works for me!


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