Success with building sub-network with Ubuntu 5.10

sunny odum sunnyodum at
Wed Oct 19 18:19:04 UTC 2005

Like to thank Luis M. for the great tips.

I finally got the LAN served by DHCP from my Ubuntu
box. I installed Bind9 and Firestarter. Wasn't quite
sure if Bind9 made any difference since I used the DNS
assigned by my ISP. Because the Firestarter
auto-configured the dhcpd.conf file, the option to
ip-forwarding was set to off: I had to change this
value to 'on'. Also Firestarter's  IP-address range in
the dhcpd.conf file was not in synch with the routing
IP-address. Anyhow, a bit of tweaking here and there
is required to make it click.


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