md5sum of a burned cd

Matt Price matt.price at
Wed Oct 19 16:57:48 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-10-18 at 09:17 +0800, toylet wrote:
> You don't check the md5sum after buring the ISO, but BEFORE you burnt
> it. 
> download the iso image.
> download the md5sum file
> (now both of them in the same directory)
> md5sum -c the_md5_sum_file
> If no error related to the downloaded ISO was reported, burn it at the
> speed that your burner could handle. Use a reasonably good brand of
> disc. 
hi, thought I'd responded to this earlier but seems I didn't.
I'm using HP discs, burning at about 1/2 the max speed of my burner,
trying (not always succeeding) to keep cpu and disk usage down during
burning.  I *still* get the occasional coaster, which sucks when I'm in
the middle of an install and suddenly everything stops working.  I would
like to be able to check the integrity of the burned cd's after I burn
them.  Is there a way to do this with md5sum?  Anyone know?



>         I'm having trouble with md5sums of cd's I burn -- they seme to
>         be 
>         burning pretty well but the sum is not identical to that of
>         the iso.
>         I wonder whether I odn't understand md5sum properly?  I do:
>         cdrecord --dev=ATA:1,1,0 --speed=12 -tao /path/to/breezy.iso
>         md5sum /dev/hdd /path/to/breezy.iso 

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