Three Random Simple Questions

Dave M G martin at
Wed Oct 19 16:02:07 UTC 2005

Ubuntu list,

        I hope these questions will be simple enough to get simple
answers, and not merit whole threads of their own.

        1. How do I access installed themes? I installed a bunch of
themes, like "thinkeramik" in Synaptic, but when I tried to change
themes in Preferences | Theme, they were not there.

        2. How do I get the bittorrent GUI to be the default interface
for bittorrent downloading? Again, with Synaptic, I downloaded the GUI,
but if I open bittorrent from the menu, or by clicking a torrent in
FireFox, it comes up with these strange, old school looking clunky
download screens. One for each download.

        3. How do I get icons for video files, like mpegs and AVIs to be
small captures from the video? In CentOS, my previous Linux distro,
after I installed Gstreamer, it defaulted to having little screen grabs
as the icons for video files. I thought that was neat. I believe I have
Gstreamer libraries installed, but this effect does not happen.

I hope these don't trouble anyone too much to answer.
Thanks for reading.

Dave M G 

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