Default to A4 paper in OpenOffice with hp deskjet

Lee Braiden lee_b at
Tue Oct 18 20:21:20 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 18 October 2005 21:15, Zach wrote:
> For some reason, whenever I print in OpenOffice on my HP Deskjet 6127,
> it always defaults to A4 paper.  Not being in Europe, I have to set
> this manually to Letter each time.  I have checked everywhere I can
> think of and even set the default to Letter under the settings for the
> printer under System-->Administration-->Printing.
> Can anyone tell me how to set this?  Is it an OpenOffice setting?  Is
> it an HP Print driver setting?  I haven't tried any other printer,
> because this is the only one I have.
> This has been a problem for me in 4.10, 5.04, and still in 5.10.

The setting comes from a package specifically designed for this, I think: 
libpaper.  On debian, it asks, but on ubuntu, it may choose the most common, 
which is A4.  It should probably set it based on your locale, but I think 
I've seen arguments against that too.  Anyway, look in synaptic, under 
packages with debconf, and you should be able to reconfigure libpaper.

Lee Braiden

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