zope, execute, password and such

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Oct 18 15:10:51 UTC 2005

Patrick Newberry wrote:

> Hopefully not too dumb of a set of questions... But
> Working my way slowly to getting plone installed.
> Did a Synaptic type install on a dial up and when to bed. In the morning
> my line had dropped and so not all packages loaded but it looked like
> zope loaded, so I figure, great one step ahead.
> When I navigate to /etc/init.d/ directory and put in zope start

Did you actually _see_ zope in there?  It should be zope2.7 or zope2.8...
> Didn't seem to matter because previously on shutting down I saw that
> zope was being shut down so I assumed it was running at start up.
> Did a http://localhost:9673
> And whala, zope is running.

whala??  Sorry, I don't usually flame spelling, but that's a fascinating
example of language evolution - it's french: "voila!" :-)

> When I try to go to the /manage in zope it ask for a id and password.

try dpkg-reconfigure - the user defaults to "admin" but I think you needed
to set a password.

> Am I stuck. Uninstall and reinstall zope?

Never! :-)

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