Breezy and Zope 2.7...

Andrea Giuliano a.giuliano at
Tue Oct 18 14:05:07 UTC 2005

Wow, Marcus, I must say you gave me a very big help!

I followed your instructions, and everything works fine, now!

Many thanks.

Marcus Krüger wrote:
> Hi,
> Am Dienstag, den 18.10.2005, 10:17 +0200 schrieb Andrea Giuliano:
>>I've been running Zope 2.7 on Hoary for a few months with no
>>but now that I've upgraded to Breezy it seems that only Zope 2.8
>>with the usual procedure (startup scripts int /etc/init.d), while
>>2.7 can only be started running the script 
>>I see that /etc/init.d/zope2.7 calls dzhandle to start zope
>>but I admit I didn't try this way.
>>Also, I could not find any error log anywhere, except for the
>>status of the script /etc/init.d/zope2.7.
>>Any hints?
> Here's what I did. I built a new instance using dzhandle (dzhandle -z
> 2.7 make-instance test -m all) and copied the resulting debian_policy
> from the etc folder of test to my conf folder. I edited the
> debian_policy file with an editor and changed the name of the instance.
> Then I deleted the new instance using dzhandle.
> It's the (not existing) debian_policy file, which causes trouble.
> After that, zope 2.7 started as before.
> Greetings,

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