32/64 bit AMD question

Russell Cook bike_oz at yahoo.com.au
Tue Oct 18 12:04:05 UTC 2005

Hi folks,
firstly thanks to the devs and all in the Ubuntu community and canonical
for a great release in Breezy, I'm running it on 6 machines and it is
getting more and more flawless and seamless with every release - well
done guys (non-gender specific ones :- )

My question relates to the 64 bit versions and the performance of the
AMD cpu.

I have an AMD 64 system, but with the older 754 pin layout, not the full
939 pin 64 bit system. Given this system doesn't have all the pins for
full 64 bit access to the motherboard (is it only memory????), will I
see a performance benefit if I migrate to the 64 bit version of Ubuntu?
Or, is this chip a little crippled, and therefore 32 bit (which in
theory has no inherent performance penalty in AMD's implementation),
and 64 bit performance are roughly comparable in this system so there'd
be no benefit in going to the 64 bit version?

Maybe put another way, what is the performance difference in 64 bit mode
compared to 32 bit, of the 754 pin and the 939 pin AMD Athlon64's for
the same clock speed?

I hope that makes sense.

Kind Regards Russell
sales at windsorcycles.com.au
ph. 02 4577 3209
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