Installing Ubuntu Breezy on a SATA RAID array

Chris Morrison chris-morrison at
Tue Oct 18 08:55:43 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I am trying to install Ubuntu on my new computer without success.

My motherboard has the NIVIDIA nForce 3 chipset with onboard SATA RAID,
I have two Seagate Raptor drives connected to the first two RAID ports.

When I run the Ubuntu Installer, I choose 'manually configure the
partition table' and I use the software RAID driver to create an 'md'
RAID array with these two drives.

However, when I try to automatically partition the new 'md' volume it
fails with an error saying there are too many primary partitions in the
partition table. I have tried making the RAID partitions on the two
drives logical instead of primary but I get the same error.

Does anyone know how to install on a SATA RAID array or where I can find

Kind regards,

Chris Morrison

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