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Tue Oct 18 08:24:14 UTC 2005

wylfing Wrote: 
> My advice is to stick with firestarter if you (like me) want to remain a
> moron when it comes to running stuff like this (i.e., I -know- I don't
> want to learn how to run the firewall, I just want it to work). All the
> firewalls I have tried, including the ones on Windows, try to force me
> to become a firewall expert, which I do not want. Firestarter behaves
> sensibly out of the box, and changing its behavior when there's a
> problem is always very easy.


> It is probably not the best protection, but I'm aiming for
> adequate-but-easy.

Firestarter it is for me....hehe. Thank you for the info ;)


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