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Sun Oct 16 18:41:17 UTC 2005

Sunday, October 16, 2005, 10:50:27 AM, Rob,(HF), wrote in part:

HF> Good morning, Ron!

Good afternoon Rob. My, how time flies. :)

R>> Are 'dumb-as-dirt' questions tolerated on this list ? Or should I just
R>> move along ?

HF> Yes, sort of! Do try to hit up Google and some of the mailing list archives
HF> first.

Thanks and noted. I've used Google extensively, but it seems it I'm
always taken to help that assumes I know something necessary ( that I
don't ) to solve my problem. I'm way down here in the nuts and bolts
of things I guess.

HF>  The ubuntuguide.org site is great as well. Hardware issues will
HF> require that you tell us something about your machine, etc. Also, read
HF> anything you can about Linux (on the web, books, etc). After a while, terms
HF> will get familiar, concepts will clear up, posture will improve, breath will
HF> freshen, etc.(kidding about the last two...didn't help me a bit!).

Lmbo !

HF> One day when you are really bored, mosey into /bin and /sbin and other
HF> directories. Check out the commands in there and then start to run "man XXX"
HF> from your terminal (XXX is the name of the command you are interested in
HF> like man ls or man cp)

Thanks and will do.

HF> ....a happy Ubuntorian is one who knows the command line.

Do you know how traumatic that is for a migrating Windows user ? :P

HF> Welcome to the community.

Thanks Rob, and I see there are some really nice folks here.



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