Just a humble introduction.

squareyes squareyes at internode.on.net
Sun Oct 16 14:56:53 UTC 2005

ubuntu.newbie at unwell.org wrote:

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>Hello all,
>My name is Ron and I bare my Linux ignorant soul before you. I know
>nothing about Linux or Ubuntu and I am starting at bottom left of
>square one.
>I have nothing but questions on the most basic level, and can offer
>or contribute nothing in return. ( I know even less than you are
>thinking right now, minus a bit more, and with no false modesty. )
>My only attribute is in listening closely.
>As I stand right now, I have Ubuntu successfully installed on a
>dedicated machine and all seems normal and functional. Updates are
>simple enough and the only additional thing that I have managed is
>in setting up KMail 1.8 and all seems well there too.
>Are 'dumb-as-dirt' questions tolerated on this list ? Or should I just
>move along ?
>- --
>Using Ubuntu 5.04 / Gnome
Hi Ron,
relative newbie myself, and found this list to be one of the strengths 
of Ubuntu.
Think the list does prefer you take the "dirt" off questions before you 
post the though :-)
Take Care

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