Breezy upgrade question

Jhair Tocancipa Triana jhair_tocancipa at
Sun Oct 16 10:12:55 UTC 2005

R Kimber writes:

> I'm about to upgrade, but don't quite understand the significance of
> ubuntu-base and ubuntu-desktop

> I have read in the wiki BreezyUpgradeNotes that you need to have these
> packages installed, as without them "it is much more likely that you
> will encounter problems during the upgrade."

I would recommend to follow the BreezyUpgradeNotes.

But... I ran Hoary on my machine without ubuntu-desktop installed. I
uninstalled it since I wanted to get rid of the gstreamer-bloat, lots
of useless (for me) python packages, Evolution mailer which I don't
use, etc.

On such a system the Breezy upgrade ran without any problems
(i.e. without ubuntu-desktop).

I would not recommend to "clean up" your Hoary installation if you
don't know *exactly* what you are doing though.


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