Promise FastTrack SATA [was Thank You Ubuntu Devs!!!]

Scott angrykeyboarder at
Sun Oct 16 08:45:53 UTC 2005

Alvin A ONeal Jr wrote:

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>>If I could find a driver for my Promise FastTrack SATA RAID controller,
>>I'd be in business.
>Which model do you have. A couple of them are supported in the
>mainstream kernel, others you can probably find source for. I think they
>have some binaries on their website as well -- but then you'd have to
>use their aproved kernel version.
It's a FastTrack PDC20378 (Fast Track 378/SATA 378).
The last time I checked, there were very few drivers and they required 
you to go back to an older kernel (bringing other disadvantages along 
with it I suppose).  And besides, they don't support my controller, 
period.  It's an OEM model embedded on the (ASUS) motherboard.  ASUS was 
no help either.

>>But since I can't, I had to disable RAID (and now I can't get Windows
>>installled. I think it thinks the controler isn't functioning or
>Try reseting the bios.
I've reset the BIOS more times than I can count.  Windows needs the 
driver and when it gets it, it expects RAID.
I know at least this has got to work (w/regard to Windows). I had the 
option of ordering my PC without RAID, which in fact,  I did (for this 
very reason) but, they screwed up and gave it to me anyway.

And the whole reason I didn't want RAID was because I knew (last 
December) that Linux can't handle (SATA) raid (for the most part). That 
hasn't changed.

In any event, I got fed up with all this last week and just decided to 
play with Linux for a week or so and then tackle the problem again (with 
my PC Maker's Tech Support department) next week.

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