Windowmaker killed GNOME (help!)

Scott angrykeyboarder at
Sat Oct 15 19:59:34 UTC 2005

Actually, my dinkin' around in Windowmaker, probably killed GNOME.
 I was toying around in Windowmaker last night and noticed one of the 
menus was "Window Managers", so I checked it out and noticed that 
Metacity was there, which I found odd.
 So I clicked on it and suddenly my GNOME desktop appears (sans 
gnome-panel) and I find I can't undo it, so I ctrl+alt+backspace which 
leaves me at the shell (sometimes it restarts X, I can never figure out 
it's logic...).
 Then I tried "start x" which got me nowhere, so I rebooted.
 When GNOME started I got the splash screen, followed by the desktop 
background and then the panels started to appear, but they didn't get 
very far and "retreated". Then they tried again with the same result. 
They tried several more times and finally gave up, leaving me with a 
completely blank desktop and no right-click menu.
 Any idea how I can fix this other than reinstalling GNOME? I'm sure 
there is some configuration file somewhere that I could tweak/correct.
 I did poke around in my home directory,in various hidden files and 
folders and I couldn't determine what I might need to "fix" amongst them.
 So now I'm asking for your help.

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