Floppy drive issues with the finale Breezy

Joe Potter jpotter1034 at cfl.rr.com
Sat Oct 15 11:22:47 UTC 2005

Can anyone offer even a hint at what has gone wrong with the floppy 
drives here?

We have around 30 boxes of various kinds in our little school. The 
newest is 2 years old. Our use of floppies is not great, but we use 
floppies continually.

We were following Breezy and all was well till about ten days before 
release when we discovered we could no longer use the floppy drives.

We can use the one USB external floppy drive just fine. It acts like a 
flash drive in a way, just pop in the floppy and it appears on the desktop.

I am working with known good floppy media. I am working with hardware 
that is known to be good. I have *not* changed /etc/fstab in any way. I 
have not taken anyone out of any group; nor added them to any except the 
plugdev group to be able to use the USB flash drives.

Any ideas at all? If nothing else, tell me floppies work at your site 
and I work in a zone of weirdness.

Thanks, Joe

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