The Newbe has landed!

Avraham Hanadari rick at
Sat Oct 15 06:06:57 UTC 2005

The problems are multiplying and compounding. In addition to the 
complications described in my earlier letters, I have now experienced 
the following:

1. No indication that something is happening with the computer, when I 
summon a task. No rotating hourglass or such like, so I can know when to 

2. MPG files will not play. I am told I need codices, but where do I 
find them?

3. I am unable to change the names of the folders I created in Home to 
contain the contents of the partitions (which are no longer there anyway.)

4. OpenOffice is as slow as molasses (like Evolution), and I was unable 
to access additional dictionaries through the Wizard. What's happening?

I'm gradually trying to activate the tools I customarily use, but 
without much success.



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