The Newbe has landed!

Avraham Hanadari rick at
Fri Oct 14 16:25:35 UTC 2005

Today I installed Ubuntu 5.1. The installation went very smoothly. I was 
most pleasantly surprised, in fact.

I still have several questions, however.

I seem to have installed language support for several languages, and 
that's fine, but I have not been able to discover where the language 
keyboard buttons are. How do I get them to work?

I also have not been able to mount the data partitions of my computer. 
Please tell me how to do that in 5.1. I have seen them in "disks" and 
enabled them, but I still cannot see them.

Now, back to windows so I can read the earlier contributions to this 
list. When I shall be able to access the other partitions on the 
computer, I'll import all this stuff.

By the way, Evolution is slow as molasses. I installed Thunderbird, and 
that makes a huge difference.


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