Hoary->Breezy locale and keyboard problems

Henning Kilset Pedersen henning at mopo.no
Fri Oct 14 08:02:39 UTC 2005

fre, 14,.10.2005 kl. 10.25 +0300, skrev Vaidotas Zemlys:
> Hi,
> So yesterday I upgraded from Hoary to Breezy. The process was not
> smooth, I had to use apt-get -f install few times, the perl was
> constantly complaining that it cannot set my locale (lt_LT.UTF-8)
> properly and I had to dpkg -i --force overwrite libofx, in order to
> finish upgrade process. That took about 2,5 hours.
> After installation Breezy booted normally, wireless worked, I could
> login into Gnome. Yet gdm was in English, when it should be in
> Lithuanian, Gnome also, some menu entries were in Lithuanian, but
> mainly everything was in English. dpkg-reconfigure locales did not
> help. I know, that Gnome 2.12 is completely translated to Lithuanian,
> so where is the problem?


Have you looked at the Language Selector in the System->Administration
menu? You should be able to install the languages from there (simply
select them and select apply). Then, logout back to GDM and change the
language preferences. The package structure for languages has changed
significantly between Hoary and Breezy, that is probably the source of
your problems.

Henning K. Pedersen
mopo as

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