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Fri Oct 14 01:27:39 UTC 2005

On 10/13/05, Duncan Anderson <duncangareth at> wrote:
> Afterwards, try to get hold of the
> manufacturer's low level formatting utility for your drive (a normal
> BIOS low level format probably won't work too well) and format the
> drive. It may be a waste of time, depending on the cause of the drive
> failure. Don't assume that the old drive is OK if it seems to format OK.
> Try testing it for a while before you trust it with data.

my brother had an old DELL fail recently and when he started looking around
he got the impression that there are LOTS of failed DELL hard drives right
now. Apparently they had a bad batch a few months back. It didn't affect my
brother's machine (the problem on his was a failed power supply) but you may
very well have one of the bad drives and need to get it replaced under
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