gam_server eating through cpu

David Walker dave at
Thu Oct 13 04:57:16 UTC 2005

So this is a very sparatic problem.  There is no time limit associated, 
or program that I use that 'should' cause this.

So, gam_server starts to eat all available CPU that it can every now and 
again.  The two programs that are almost always open on my machine are: 
XMMS and Gaim.  Firefox, gnome-terminal, Thunderbird, and Eclipse are 
the 4 other programs that I use about every day.  My machine can be on 
for 5 hours, or 5 days before the problem starts.  To fix i just pkill 
gam_server and it restarts it self working at a nicer .2 CPU.  Any 
thoughts on what this problem is.

Dave Walker
Computer Science House
azrail at

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