Matt Patterson matt at
Wed Oct 12 21:59:36 UTC 2005

You have a failed drive, get the data off as soon as possible, probably 
to a different drive or to an external drive, then send your current 
drive in for replacement. It wont last much longer it sounds like.

Also, it will probably work better when cold, try refrigerating it. 
There is a thread running right now (search for maxtor one touch drive) 
that has ideas about making really crappy drives work again, if only for 
a little bit.


Charles Malespin wrote:

> Hey guys, thanks for all the responses.  Here is where I am at right 
> now....
>    So I booted up with knoppix, and got into my computer.  Mounted my 
> drive, have access to it etc.  I ran a fsck test and started getting a 
> bunch of errors saying that inode #####  is bad, ignor error?
> I say yes, then it asks me to repair?  I say yes, and this goes on and 
> on and on.  I lose patience and dont feel like clicking yes over and 
> over.  fsck -a (automated to say yes to all) doesnt work either, 
> prompts me and says that i have to do it manually.  So I dont want to 
> run this without backing up my data.  Thats becoming a problem.  I 
> have an extra partition that is empty and I just wanted to dump my 
> /etc and /home on there.  Well I needed to format it, and both fdisk 
> and qtparted crap out and dont let me do it.  So I basically need to 
> get my data off so I can completely run fsck and not lost anything.  I 
> have managed to get into windows now, but thats not much more than I 
> can do.  I did a hard drive diagnostic test from Dell(comes when you 
> push F12) and it said that I failed that test.  I dont know what it 
> tests for or what it means.  So basically I am stuck and out of 
> ideas.  The weird thing is, I was using a variant of knoppix yesterday 
> and my drives were coming up fine, but now with the real knoppix cd it 
> cant find them.  I am so aggrevated, Im sure that I am leaving 
> something out.  Let me try and gather more info and post back. Thanks 
> again, any more ideas/questions would be great
> Charles

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