Ubuntu in the OSDL Desktop linux survey

Max Andersen max at militant.dk
Wed Oct 12 17:22:22 UTC 2005

Derek Broughton wrote:

>Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
>>Hi all
>>This survey will help us understand what features are most important for
>>the next release. We are just starting to set the feature list for
>>Dapper (6.04) and would appreciate your knowledge and ideas.
>>In addition, if you have specific feature requests, now's a good time to
>>mail them to me. I'll be preparing for the Ubuntu Below Zero (UBZ)
>>conference over the next ten days, and ideas that come in before then
>>could make it onto the agenda for the dev team.
>Brilliant.  In Konqueror, this survey presents me with _exactly_ the same
>three questions on every page.  It works fine in IE :-(

Well, I don't use IE (what is it?!?, Internet Exploder?), but it works 
fine in Firefox. Maybe the company behind it, doesn't support W3C 
standards, or konquerer is broken. Have you investigated?

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