Inbox on Evolution in a wacky setup

Jack Jackson jackson.linux at
Wed Oct 12 14:54:48 UTC 2005

I'm ssh tunneling my mail on one server thusly:

sudo ssh -C -c blowfish -L 143:localhost:143 -L 143:localhost:25 \
-l user -N -f

and then I have a second account I check, using Evolution (to keep work 
and home email separate) by forwarding to a high port:

sudo ssh -C -c blowfish -L 9999:localhost:143 -L 9998:localhost:25 \
-l user -N -f

I set evolution to look at localhost:9999 and localhost:9998 for 
incoming/outgoing mail. It works GREAT.

EXCEPT that Evolution is looking for my INBOX in the wrong place, so I 
see the contents of ALL mail folders *but* the INBOX. It shows me, 
correctly, the number of unread messages in the remote inbox, but does 
not display the messages. How can I tell Evolution to look to the remote 
imap server for the inbox and not my local mail directory?

Thanks in advance

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