In XP can not get continuous partition.

alex radsky at
Tue Oct 11 19:00:59 UTC 2005

Christoph Georgi wrote:

>Afaik these are some system files that you can't move with a defrag
>program.. But afair you can still just partition the hard drive; the
>respective program will move those files out of the way. (well, I never
>had problems with just partitioning my hard drive no matter what the
>defrag's output was..)
>But please correct me if I'm wrong before someone looses data ;)
>Holiday wrote:
>>I'm planning on installing ubuntu to my laptop by first using the Knoppix 
>>partitioning utility. I'm currently using XP Home's defrag utility to get 
>>the drive into shape. I've managed to free up about 2/3 of the 40G drive, 
>>and defragged to get a nice big empty space. EXCEPT! Except that right in 
>>the middle of that space is a swath which sometimes appears as green 
>>(unmovable) and sometimes as blue (contiguous).
>>I've set the swap file to 0, rebooted, run defrag from safe mode - this 
>>makes no difference. The thing won't budge.
>>Any ideas what this area is, what I can do? 
>>I'm assuming this will seriously affect my ability to create a non-xp 
>>partition. Is this assumption correct?
When I first got this computer,  the entire 120 GB hard drive was just 
one large C: partition devoted to Windows XP and that green thingy was 
right in the middle of the defrag display.  After I defragged enough 
times,  there was blue to the right of that green block.

I then reformatted to make the C: partition just 12 GB and defrag still 
showed that green
block in the middle of the 12 GB partition.

I reinstalled Windows XP in the 12 GB partition and it worked fine.  
Blue appears on both sides of the green block.

Since then, I have added  6 different Linuxes to the hard drive and 
still works fine.

I believe that green block you see in the defrag indicator has something 
to do with a
recovery system that the computer manufacturer added to the OEM Windows 
A regular XP CD doesn't show that green block.

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