Intel GMA 900 on Breezy?

Tobias Ambrosi tobias at
Tue Oct 11 18:14:45 UTC 2005


> I'm torn between getting a notebook that has an ATI 200M (which is
> known to be tricky under Breezy) and an Intel GMA 900 graphics chip.
> Can anyone share their Breezy experiences with this chip?

I have a Notebook with Intel graphics Cchipset. For me it's the best choice, as I don't need 3D and the Notebook runs much longer, due to lower power consumption.

> My main concerns are:
> - decent 2D performance

Fast enough for me, I wouldn't know wherefor you need much 2D speed, normally you won't recognize any difference in 2D compared to other cards. Or did you mean 3D?

> - ability to use laptop's native LCD resolution (1280x800)

Therefor you need a package called 915resolution (My resolution is 1400x1050). Its available for breezy and works fine. Just google for "915resolution breezy"

> - ability to easily display to external monitor

Sorry, I haven't tested or used this.


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