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Tue Oct 11 17:54:17 UTC 2005

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 > Subject: Re: gvim ??
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 > Yes but until you pointed me to it, I didn't know I was right ! ;-)
 > Well okay, "vim-gnome", should have rung a bell at least, but I must
 > confess, I looked very very very quickly in Synaptic, and was really
 > expecting to find 'gvim', so I didn't pay any attention to 'vim-gnome'
 > at first... until you pointed me to it, and it suddenly made sense ;-)
 > Still, it's strange that the package is called this way, and it's not
 > even available from the application installer (no .desktop file I
 > guess...). Soon they will rename 'gedit' into 'edit-gnome', and in
 > Dapper Drake I will spend weeks just to find my text editor ! ;o)
 > --
 > Vince

Actually gvim stands for GUI VIM. It is an enhancement you can add to MS 
Windows to get vim as a GUI. See http://www.vim.org/ Apparently, 
vim-gnome is the variation used by GNOME; I haven't tried it yet since 
vim does everything I want.

    --- Shawn

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