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Tue Oct 11 16:26:45 UTC 2005

> Am 11.10.2005, 13:26 Uhr, schrieb Rick <rick at>:

> I have run both Ubuntu and Kubuntu live CD's and have been impressed  
> with what I saw. There were some things that didn't work, but that may  
> be limitations of the Live CD system. Please relate to several questions  
> I have.

> 1. Will I be able to install Ubuntu with XP on NTFS? Will Ubuntu be able  
> to manipulate that formatting, or should I prepare a dedicated partition  
> myself?

ubuntu installation setup will detect XP (NTFS) and you can choose a  
the partitioning will be automatic, but you allways can change the size  
(of XP or Ubuntu) to what you prefer.

> 2. In the live Ubuntu's I was unable to access the other partitions on  
> my computer. This has not been a problem with other Linux distributions.

after installation you will have to make the right settings in the file  
see please here:

> 3. The remarks about not needing a firewall in the FAQ were not very  
> satisfying. If Ubuntu does not have an integrated firewall, what  
> firewall is recommended?

after installation go to the package manager 'Synaptic', search for  
'Firestarter' and choose for installing that package. then search  
Firestarter in the menu or run it form console with $ gksudo firestarter,  
and make in this way the initiation of the firewall. there are also two  
other firewalls called, i do remember one name like 'shorewall'.

> 4. What kind of anti-virus software is recommended for Ubuntu?

as far as i know, we do have anti-virus software for scanning on demand.
there are very little disturbences of malware on Linux Systems at the time.
you can choose 'clamav' in Synaptic (once i have seen a howto for making  
clamav a real-time anti-virus protection).
you also can download the linux version of bitdefender's on-demand-scanner.
there you will need 'Bitdefender-Console-xxxx-gcc3x-i586.deb', other  
version is not running at all.

to this subjects you always can ask me more,

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