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>> 1. Will I be able to install Ubuntu with XP on NTFS? Will Ubuntu be
>> able to manipulate that formatting, or should I prepare a dedicated
>> partition myself?

> Ubuntu wants to see some free drive space. If XP is using the whole
> drive, you will have to either i) use a partition utility (Qt_parted
> is one and you can get it on a bootable CD here:
>  )

QtParted is included on some Live CDs like Knoppix which I use when I
partition my drive

>> 2. In the live Ubuntu's I was unable to access the other partitions
>> on my computer. This has not been a problem with other Linux
>> distributions. How can I access these partitions in Ubuntu?

> Yeah, that. I got into a discussion a while back about this. I CAN get
> at my hard drive (IDE) using the Warty Live CD. Another guy couldn't
> and it might have been because he had a SATA drive. IIRC, a third
> party (using Hoary Live CD) suggested that he had to manually mount
> the XP partition. I dunno if that solved his problem.

I have tested this on the Ubuntu but not on the Live CD

You could also check the following FAQ's after mount/unmount Windows
partitions (NTFS) manually

>> 3. The remarks about not needing a firewall in the FAQ were not very
>> satisfying. If Ubuntu does not have an integrated firewall, what
>> firewall is recommended?

> No help here. Shorewall is liked by some folks. Take a peek here:

I'm using firestarter. I think it's a good one. It evens blocks requests
to Ubuntu web server

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