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Tue Oct 11 02:44:46 UTC 2005

I have been doing some "Google" research using news, Google and blogs on topics
such asUbuntu, GNOME, KDE, and Linux for the past couple of weeks and here's
something I put out recently on couple of boards after manually typing in

It's very similar to the Google "mind share" concept program. The difference
is that by combining Google, Google News and Google Blogs, one can spot some
interesting trends and hopefully use it for marketing or research.

Google News: The world Linux GNOME appeared more than Linux KDE in the past
few days. Red Hat consistently has been in the news twice as many times as
SuSE and reporters seem to like Ubuntu more than Mandriva and Linspire.

Google: This gets really interesting. There are 435 million times
Linux appeared
on Google vs. Microsoft 716 million -- that's fantastic. KDE is 15% more
popular than GNOME on Google search.
It gets even more interesting: Ubuntu (with the word linux) is more popular
than "Linux Mandriva" and neck and neck with "Linux Mandrake".

 Google Blog: This is Google's new service so the results could be spurious.
Also, Blog writing could be popular in certain countries, so the results may
not be that accurate. But: SuSE is neck and neck with RH and Ubuntu is getting
super popular with bloggers -- 12,000 + blogs vs. 17000 for Debian.

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