question about backups

AA asokanon at
Sun Oct 9 09:36:35 UTC 2005

Hello all, I am new to this list, and I would like to
ask a question about backups.  I have read alot about
using tar, but I want something that is ghost(like) if
possible - in fact I own ghost 2003 from my windows
days.  This is what I want to do:  I have 1 HD
dedicated to linux - secondary master, 1 dedicated to
windows, primary master, and 1 that is split in half
with a logical ntfs part on the first half and an ext3
pat on the second - this is the primary slave.  I am
already in the habit of booting into ghost and
creating an image onto the primary slaves logical data
drive, I would like to be able to just do this for
linux as well.  I have tried to create images with
ghost, and they create successfully, but will not pass
the integrity test.  Is this because the linux disc is
not primary master?  Is there any way to use ghost to
make backups of this system?  
Thanks in advance, 

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