gpg, cd-remastering, & ubuntu-keyring

Matt Price matt.price at
Sun Oct 9 00:59:36 UTC 2005

hi foliks, 

pursuant to my attempt to build a custom ubuntu cd, I'm running into a
little trouble with gpg, which I don't fully understand.  The
instructions I found on the web suggest the following:
Changing the packages on the CD

This is the trickiest part, as everything is GPG signed, and your GPG
key isn't installed by default. So, to change any of the data on the
CD (ie to add your own packages or to remove packages from main), you
need to:

    * create your own GPG key
    * (optional) import the ubuntu-archive keyring
    * export your keyring
    * replace the ubuntu-archive keyring with yours
    * recompile the ubuntu-keyring package
    * put it on the CD

I imagine to people who work iwth gpg all the time this sounds simple,
but I still don't really understand what the steps here.  Going
through the man pages etc. I suspect it's something like this but I'm
not sure and would LOVE some help:

1.  gpg --gen-key 
2.  gpg --import /usr/share/keyrings/ubuntu-archive-keyring.gpg
3.  starting to have trouble!  something like:
gpg --export matt -o ~/ubuntu-archive-keyring.gpg [ but this seems to
export all the keys in my keyring!  not what I want is it?]
4. apt-get source ubuntu-keyring [hmm, not getting a source pkg on my vanilla
debian machine, maybe need to add another  deb-src line?]
5. do whatever magic is usually done to generate debian packages --
I've done it before, don'tremember much about it, but will try to dig
out all the docs
6. cp ubuntu0keyring_myversionwithSomeReleaseNumber.deb

can anyone tell me if I'm on the right track?  I supposei f I relaly
understood gpg this'd be easy...

anyway, thanks much -- am planning to writethis all up forthe Wiki
once I get it done, with instructions I bet this'll be a pretty simple
process & a good howto would probably help a fair number of people.  



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