VMWare Ubuntu host WinXP guest question

Chris Dunn chris at tropictc.com
Sat Oct 8 18:07:40 UTC 2005

On 10/8/05, Marc <for.maillists at gmail.com> wrote:

>.........  click next, the cursor changes to an
> animated hour glass and nothing happens. I have let it go for hours
> and still nothing. I have rebooted the VM gotten to this same screen
> and tried clicking the Skip button with the same results.

Just a thought.

I can remember having similar difficulties the first time I tried to
install the VMware from cdrom. From memory the problem was to do with 
the cursor not being where I thought it was. That is to say it was in 
the X desktop instead of being in the VMware window.

The hourglass does get tedious after several hours.

Chris Dunn

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