netatalk UbuntuPPC woes

Kim Cascone kim at
Sat Oct 8 16:48:41 UTC 2005

I'm running UbuntuPPC 5.04 on a iBook G3 and a iMac G3
I have tried to install netatalk 1.6.4 on both machines
the boot up dmesg looks fine after install
then the gnome login screen comes up
and both machines would freeze at this point
no mouse
no keyboard
so I booted into rescue mode off the install disc
and apt-get purged netatalk
and everything is fine
some q's:
- is this a gnome conflict/issue/bug?
- why is netatalk 1.6.4-1 still in the repository?
	- or maybe a better question would be: has anyone on UbuntuPPC got 
this version to work?
- has anyone had any luck compiling Netatalk v2.0.3 for PPC, installing 
that on a G3 running 5.04 and networking with OS X and Linux?
- have these PPC networking problems been fixed in 5.10?

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