[breezy] complete freeze with the nvidia unfree driver

berti bertrand.haut at brutele.be
Sat Oct 8 12:51:54 UTC 2005

Since the removing of the modules GLCore, dri & glx, I had no more crash. 
Maybe it's that or the bug was corrected since an update of the xorg 
packages. In any case, it is working now.

On Monday 03 October 2005 22:35, Matt Patterson wrote:
> I would recomment turning off glx and agp for the card. I have attached
> my xorg.conf which I use for a dual-head setup.
> Matt
> Bertrand Haut wrote:
> >I've installed the preview release of breezy on my laptop. When I used the
> >nvidia closed-source driver, my computer always finishes by freezing after
> >some hours. When I used the open source nv driver, it has not yet arrived.
> > So I assume the problem come from the nvidia driver.
> >
> >Am I the only one in this case ?
> >
> >Does somebody know how I can limit the probability of the crash ? I'm only
> >interested in activating the second video output to connect my second
> > screen (no 3D acceleration needed).

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