add language packs to CD? [was: automate installer choices (2)]

Matt Price matt.price at
Sat Oct 8 01:11:30 UTC 2005

Thanks scott for your help on that.  Network's unfortunately not an
option for me right now, reasons are complicated...  

Anyway, found a couple of very useful resources:
... on hacking d-i generally; and
on remastering the CD.

automation through the use of a preseed file seems pretty
straightforward, and I'm in the process of trying it out.  Now that I
can do that I would love to add support for a couple of extra
languages if that's possible -- especially bengala and tamil, as most
of my students speak one of those two languages.  I'm worried I'm
getting a little out of my depth & I wondered if anyone had experience
adding additional language support to an install cd?  



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