Yaboot Fails At First Reboot During PPC Breezy Install

Bill G inboxbillg at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 20:31:56 UTC 2005

Yaboot is failing here on the first reboot during an install of
yesterday's Breezy release on a Mac Mini with an external Firewire
drive. I've done a clean install twice with the same result.

The newworld boot partition is on the Mini's drive (second partition,
after OS X), not on the Firewire drive. The install goes normally
until the first reboot is attempted. At that point, yaboot says the
second stage bootstrap loading is proceeding, and then immediatelly
fails, complaining about a "syntax error near line 10 in file

I've shelled out to look at yaboot.conf, and see no obvious errors.

OS X boots from yaboot just fine.

I've some experience with lilo, but this PPC stuff is new to me.  That
said, a perusal of some man pages and a bit of Googling points to no
obvious culprints.

Anyone else come across this?  Is it fixable?


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