'gdm could not write to the auth file' -- ubuntuPPC_5.04

'Forum Post ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Fri Oct 7 19:36:20 UTC 2005

Regarding the backup procedure you used, I am generally of the opinion
that you don't need (or want) to back up the entire tree. For example,
you really do not want the contents of /tmp in your backup. There are
other problematic directories as well that, while it's possible to back
them up, there's no reason to do it and you may end up with puzzling
errors when you restore them. Take a look at some of the backup/restore
threads around here and you'll find good enough advice.

Anyway, to the problem at hand, the "authority file" is .Xauthority,
where gdm stores some temporary information. If it can't write this
file, it is in fact quite likely that your disk allocation is messed
up. Try looking at this:



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