Al Gordon runlevel7 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 18:39:01 UTC 2005

On 10/7/05, Phil Cryer <phil at cryer.us> wrote:
> >>Has anyone gotten Zimbra working under Ubuntu yet?
> >>
> >no, but Debian is at the first place for the next plarform supported
> >from zimbra.
> additionally, I'm working with their devs to create a build script for my old server, which still runs gentoo.  so far you need rpm and ant 1.6.5 install, and *most* of the build gets through.  they really relied too much on rpm, but we're working on fixing that.  once that works it should *just work* on linux, regardless of distro.  Once this is done I'm going to work on a FreeBSD port.

That's good to hear.  I may still set up an RPM-based box to do some
testing with, until I can get something that works on Debian/Ubuntu.

I've messed around with the software a little more today, and see that
I can potentially make this work by putting my own compiled versions
of various apps in the ThirdParty directory, or some such other rot. 
Their "source" version is not quite properly named.  :P

Any rough estimate as to when we might see your build script working
"in the wild"?


  -- AL --

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