Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadian members of the Ubuntu community

Hodgins Family ehodgins at telusplanet.net
Fri Oct 7 17:13:43 UTC 2005

Good day, eh?
Just want to steal a bit of bandwidth here to wish all my fellow Canadian 
Ubuntorians a great Thanksgiving on Monday, eh?
Many members of the community may not know this but Monday commemorates the 
day that Canada was discovered by Charlie Farquarson and Celine Dion. And 
it's been snowing here ever since, eh?
So, here's hoping that Monday finds you all enjoying a traditional 
Thanksgiving holiday, gathered around the TV watchin' the hockey game 
(Oilers at Anaheim, yeah!) and tucking into the traditional Thanksgiving 
dinner of poutine, Tim's donuts and coffee.

Have a good one, eh? And don't forget to wear your Thanksgiving day tuques.


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