OT - Gnumeric recalculation

Jan Morén jan.moren at lucs.lu.se
Thu Oct 6 22:28:57 UTC 2005

In Format -> Workbook..., there is a tab for calculations. Perhaps the
Excel sheet you have had automatic recalculation set to off; here you
can change it back. FYI, the default values for Iterations is 100, and
maximal change is 0.001, in case those values are set weirdly for you.

I agree on gnumeric; it is far better than oocalc in so may ways. I use
Abiword much more than oowriter, and I never use oocalc anymore. If only
we had a presentation program with the same quality...

tor 2005-10-06 klockan 15:24 -0400 skrev Steve:
> This is sort of off-topic because gnumeric is not a default Ubuntu
> package. I'm hoping some people here use it.
> I do not know how to make a sheet automatically recalc cells. When I
> make a change in a referenced cell, the cells that reference to it do
> not automatically recalc. In OpenOffice it works fine. FTR, the sheet
> was originally created in excel and the sheet is protected (although I
> can unprotect it and it still doesn't work). Does anyone know how to
> fix this?
> Thanks.
> -Steve.
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