VNC server port and VNC alternatives

Philip Axer paxer at
Thu Oct 6 19:36:36 UTC 2005

I think what you would prefer is x11vnc. This is a really nice tool which 
makes it possible to remote control a running X session. Essentially you have 
to have a running X session, this means a running gnome (or other Desktop). 
As far as I know it is possible to control a raw framebuffer device (this 
would make it possible to remote log in with e.g. gdm) but I couldn't get it 
to work on my suse machine. In my opinion the best way to access your remote 
host is via a ssh portforward. See the x11vnc man page. There are 2 

* Your session is encrypted and

* you can redict every display (e.g. port 5900) to every port (>1024) on your 
client machine.

This is a very easy way to access your server system from nearly everywhere.

> Also, what free alternatives are there? Remember, I
> prefer to take over the existing sessions, not connect
> and create a new one. VNC works pretty well, I'm just
> curious.


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