[Breezy] New install gnome freeze during splash

'Forum Post ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Wed Oct 5 04:39:44 UTC 2005

Georges Goodyear, did you use the Live or the install CD?  I am trying
to get Ubuntu to work on my friend's HP L2000 but ran into this hanging
splash screen problem.  I am not sure how to reboot into the Recovery
Mode under the Live CD though, and according to the instructions, I
would have to reboot after making the changes, which would delete my
changes, wouldn't it? o_O

BTW, I don't know much about AMD Turion 64, but do I use the amd64 or
the x86 architecture for the L2000?  But either case, it hangs on the
splash screen (due to the ATI video device and Xorg issue as mentioned
earlier).  Also, I want to add that when I use the amd64 Live CD, I run
into a little more problem where I have to select from a list of screen
resolutions, and if I don't select all of them, the installation stops
at some point where I only see a command line and I wouldn't know what
to do from there.

Right now, I am running 5.10 Preview Live on my HP ZD7000 just
perfectly with no glitches at all during my installation.  Only the
wifi needs to be fixed...


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