shrinking backup files

Jesper Krogh jesper at
Tue Oct 4 20:07:29 UTC 2005

I gmane.linux.ubuntu.user, skrev Charles Malespin:
>  Hi all, I recently did a tar cpf etc.tar /etc and tar cpf
>  home.tar /home/usrname to make backups.  The .tar file I got for /home
>  is huge, 8Gb, is there any way that I can shrink this so that I can burn
>  it to a CD?  I dont have a DVD burner, so I would like to use these
>  files to burn to CD to back up(unless there is an easier way or
>  something I am not aware of)  Thanks, 
 create it with

 tar czvf /path/to/file tar-archive.tar.gz 


 tar cjvf /path/to/file tar-archive.tar.bz2

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