Kernel for Intel EM64T with Hyperthreading

David Heintz david.heintz at
Tue Oct 4 18:41:01 UTC 2005


I have tried three different kernels on my new system (based on a Intel P4 660 CPU):

1) i386
2) amd64-generic 
3) amd64-xeon

When looking in /proc/cpuinfo, the i386 gave the wrong CPU frequency (too low). Thus I changed to amd64-generic. Now I got the full frequency (3.6 GHz), but only one CPU showed (I was expecting two due to the hyperthreading). Finally I tried amd64-xeon and here I did get CPU0 and CPU1 listed correctly (at least I think so).

But is this OK? "xeon" sounds wrong! Should it not be any em64t-smp kernel for Ubuntu to install?


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