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Frank McCormick fmccormick at
Sun Oct 2 19:12:01 UTC 2005

On Sun, 02 Oct 2005 08:42:18 +0100
Norman Silverstone <norman at> wrote:

> > This is fun getting the old fogies using Linux and them being quite
> > comfortable with it. If it was their first computer experience, I'm
> > quite confident they wouldn't like switching to Windows XP. There are
> > still a few rough edges, but it is *certainly* "Ready For PrimeTime",
> > whatever industry analysts really mean by that.
> Just out of interest how old are your old fogies? I have been enjoying
> Ubuntu for over a year now and I am heading towards 78.

This old fogie will be 65 in Januuary. Been using Linux in one shape or
another since 1997. Using Windows Xp and 2000 at work. Better change
your definition of old fogie.



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