OpenOffice won't print

Andy Choens gunksta at
Sun Oct 2 16:52:59 UTC 2005

> Thanks, but I tried that without success. Since posting about this I've
> been doing more Googling and came across a page that suggested that OO
> wouldn't compile properly on amd64 (I should have mentioned that I'm
> using 64bit). If this report is true, one wonders why it''s part of the
> 64bit distribution. Anyway, I've now removed it.

I'm using Breezy, and OOo prints fine for me. You probably don't want to
randomly upgrade your omputer just to be able to print (can't blame you).

OOo under x64 is a little weird beause it's not running as a 64 bit
application. It's actually running as a 32 bit app (at least on breezy).
Ubuntu includes a bunch of compatability libs so it can work. Perhaps Hoary
didn't do as good of a job here as it could have, I don't know. I never ran
Hoary-64. You might try enabling the backports and try using the OOo beta
from Breezy. Maybe that will work for you.

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